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Facets of a global conspiracy flourish in darkness, from the wooded wilderness of northern Alabama to the savage minds of Russia’s foremost intelligence agency, the SVR.

On the run from a notorious Russian assassin, Cole Greysen reaches his breaking point while taking refuge in the rural town of Atwar, Alabama. Full of opiates and jealous rage, he kills his girlfriend’s abusive husband and pins the crime on a local man with special needs.

Liv Baird, a death row advocate working the man’s case, unearths clues pointing to his innocence. Desperate for the truth, Liv sets out to find the real killer, triggering a global chain of events as her trajectory collides with Cole’s. With the assassin lurking in the shadows and a sadistic cop executing an unhinged plan of his own, there’s a chance neither Liv nor Cole will make it out alive.

A fascinating blend of global conspiracy mixed with small-town corruption, The Gemstone Peridot examines the savagery of government intelligence operations, the cracks in America’s judicial system, and the lengths some people are forced to go to hide the truth.