About Jon

As an Author:

Jon Hébert is an author and songwriter from south Louisiana. As an artist, musician, photographer, jewelry maker, and writer, Jon spends his days in his studio. When he isn’t in creation mode, he spends time exploring his home city of New Orleans, taking in the music, walking the parks in spring, and kayaking along Bayou St. John. Jon’s debut spy thriller The Gemstone Peridot is available on all major publishing platforms. He has treatments in the works for four more novels.

As a Songwriter:

“If I had to pick just one music genre to write in… well, I guess I couldn’t do it.”

Luckily, self-described multi-genre roots songwriter Jon Hébert doesn’t have to. Jon moves fluently between blues, jazz, arena rock, and Americana on his first full-length album “Bayou Wild,” written and produced by Jon entirely in New Orleans.