“Bayou Wild moves effortlessly through a plethora of genres. No matter if it’s the Americana sounds of ‘Windy River’ (which features Hebert on mandolin), the horn laden ‘Landmark Hotel,’ or the Louisiana roots-rock of ‘Henriette Delille,’ Hebert is clearly comfortable working in different musical landscapes.”


Single – Jonesin’ For Alchemy (2022)

Single – Mardi Gras Morning (2022)

Recorded and performed by Jon Hébert. Mastered by Jack Miele.

Bayou Wild

Produced in New Orleans, Bayou Wild features Andre Bohren, Ryan Brown, Joe Crachiola, Gina Forsyth, Terrina Russel, Ian Smith, Tim Stambaugh, Rick Trolsen, Bruce Tyner, and Jeff Watkins, with me on vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin, and percussion.