The Bend is my quarterly newsletter for creative content makers, featuring interviews, book reviews, articles, tech tips, and more, all with a New Orleans twist, or bend you could say.

This month’s featured article: Remove Filter Words to Improve Your Creative Writing. Plus:

  • An interview with New Orleans musician and teaching artist Chris Sheard, creator of Blue House Music.
  • How the Decibel X:dB Sound Level Meter app can detect harmful sound levels.
  • ‘Poking a Dead Frog’ is a must-read for comedy fans.
  • Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend is the funniest podcast on the internet.
  • Sweet Pea the blind cat weighs in on the heat wave.

Join me as we take another turn around The Bend.

Jon Hébert is an artist, writer, photographer, web and graphic designer, and jewelry maker based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Aside from living and promoting the creative life, Jon helps music industry professionals overcome struggles with bothersome tinnitus through mindfulness meditation workshops (in partnership with the New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation).