Flash In The Pan
(Rouxbadour Music 2024)

My new 5-song EP, with a bonus track (This Bus Is Out Of Control, from Bayou Wild). Produced, written, & performed by Jon in New Orleans, Flash In The Pan features:

  • Drums: (1,4) Ben Alleman; (5) Doug Belote; (6) André Bohren
  • Backing vocals: (5) Carolyn Broussard (6) Terrina Russell-Cook
  • Hammond B3: (5,6) Ryan Brown
  • Mix & master: (1,2,5,6) Jack Miele (3,4) Jon Hébert

Bayou Wild
(Independent 2017)

From Offbeat Magazine:Bayou Wild moves effortlessly through a plethora of genres. No matter if it’s the Americana sounds of ‘Windy River’ (which features Hebert on mandolin), the horn laden ‘Landmark Hotel,’ or the Louisiana roots-rock of ‘Henriette Delille,’ Hebert is clearly comfortable working in different musical landscapes.”

Produced by Jon in New Orleans, Bayou Wild features:

  • Jon Hebert – vocals, guitar, bass, mandolin, percussion
  • Andre Bohren – drums, percussion, Fender Rhodes piano, Hammon B3 organ
  • Ryan Brown – Hammond B3 organ
  • Terrina Russel – vocals
  • Joe Crachiola – tenor sax
  • Gina Forsyth – fiddle
  • Ian Smith – valve trombone, trumpet, flugelhorn
  • Tim Stambaugh – sousaphone
  • Rick Trolsen – trombone
  • Bruce Tyner – pedal steel
  • Jeff Watkins – tenor sax